A Venture Consultancy

We do what we love to do

We are a team with a uniquely broad background, across all stages of a businesses’ lifecycle, creating brands, building products and platforms, marketing and commercialising businesses, raising capital, investing, all the way through to experiencing several exits.

Hatch-House was founded to share this experience, by providing a range of services to help organisations achieve their vision, enhance performance and fundamentally, drive value creation and revenue growth.

Since the launch of Hatch-House over 5 years ago, we have worked with over 50 business, from global multinationals through to the earliest of early stage of startups.

Most of these businesses are from the Media and Sport sectors, though we have also worked across e-Commerce, Recruitment, Education and Renewable Energy.

We have supported our clients through launch phases, developed proprietary technology, written countless business plans, executed strategies we’ve helped create, and used our connections to drive revenue growth and help secure investment at various stages and exited businesses.

We work at speed, striving for best in class ideas and solutions, problem solving and fundamentally supporting our clients achieve all they set out to.

We believe we are truly unique. Both in our methodology, our attitude and in our approach.

It’s not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.

Our experience

Launching businesse

Advising companies across all stages of growth

Capital Raising – for both businesses and funds

Direct Investments

Multiple Exits

Business Plan Development

Brand marketing and communicatons

Commercial strategies and business development

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency ICO

The Hatch-House Team

Experienced, specialist, creative and innovative.

And great to work with

Founder and CEO

David Orman


Alex Walker


Irene Ramsay


Gavin Goodvach


Becky Lalanne